Chiesa Madre

Pin-J The Church of Collegio dei Gesuiti  (Jesuit College) was founded in the late seventeenth century, and dedicated to San Ignazio of Loyola. After the earthquake of 1968 that made unusable the old Chiesa Madre (Mother Church, Matrice) , It  assumed the role of the old Mother church. It’s facade with twisted columns is a typical example of Baroque.


Inside, there is a valuable eighteenth-century organ, at the main altar we find the crucifix that once stood in the old Matrice (Mother church). The church houses the statues of San Nicola and the one of the Immacolata Concezione which are carried in a catholic procession every years on the  6th and 8th of December.

Looking towards the front of the church facade, you can see the traffic wardens station and to the left the Ico-PinBlackcity library. Down the narrow street on the right you will arrive at the Museum of Ritual Bread,  go there if you have not already done it. The street  to the left leads into the long flight of steps leading towards Ico-PinBlackPiazza Dittatura. Next  to the church, upwards Via D’Aguirre, rises the Ico-PinBlackCollegio dei Gesuiti (Jesuit College), founded in 1652 which now houses the Ico-PinBlackMuseums Palace.

Our next destination is the Bread Museum, staged in Ico-PinBlackSan Bartolomeo’s  church.


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