Ex Chiesa Madre

Pin-Q It seems to have been built on an Arab mosque which had, incorporated a temple dedicated to Venus. Built during the reign of Frederick of Swabia, in the early decades of the 600 was rebuilt by Mariano Smiriglio. The bell tower of this church, was once a watchtower.


The earthquake of 1968 has severely damaged the structure, however, according to some popular legend, the 1968 earthquake did not cause the collapse of part of a side aisle, and were the neglect of civil and ecclesiastical authorities of the time that reduced it, to an imposing ruin. It was partially recovered in recent years and definitely now, the charm of the old days, is back.



There are legends related to this structure, the one that under the building foundations It was constructed a network of underground tunnels several kilometers long, to use as a safe escape route, just in case the city was under attack.