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Pin-APiazza Libertà Ico-Photo

Pin-BChiesa di S. Antonino

Pin-CVia Amendola

Pin-DBelvedere   Ico-Photo

Pin-EPiazza Simone Corleo

Pin-FChiesa di S. Annedda

Pin-GChiesa e Convento di S. Agostino

Pin-HPiazza Dittatura

Pin-IChiesa di San Giuseppe



Pin-LChiesa S. Bartolomeo

Pin-MCollegio dei Gesuiti – Museo

Pin-NChiesa della Concezione

Pin-OPalazzo Torralta

Pin-PPiazza Alicia Ico-Photo

Pin-QEx Chiesa Madre

Pin-RCastello Ico-Photo

Pin-SPorta Gibli

Ico-PinBlueHow to navigate the page?Cartello

Near the points of interest or exposed from the shops around the historic city center, you will find our signs .

How to access a specific section:

  •   Select a  letter  from the list above.
  •   Look for the site name by typing in the search bar .
  •   With your smartphone, read the QR code on the signs in Salemi.

If you want a particular place of interest to be inserted or to learn more about an existing one, please contact us.