Piazza Dittatura

Pin-H Named in memory of the dictatorship assumed by Garibaldi in May 14, 1860 in the name of King Vittorio Emanuele II.

The Town Hall  over time has been extended and modified. On the first floor, above the central balcony you can admire Salemi’s coat of arms.

A spread wings eagle with an engraved  castle shield by the chest with, on top a crown surrounded by an oak and bay branch. In ancient times, however, the coat of arms was an image of St. Nicholas.Salemi-StemmaOn top of the Town Hall the clock stands strong, at the main entrance there are two commemorative plaques and busts of Garibaldi and Crispi.

dit4As you can see several roads converge on this square. To your left, the long flight of steps are leading uphill towards the library square and the Ico-PinBlackJesuit College Church, while the grand staircase to your right goes downhill to San Francesco di Paola neighborhood.

We continue towards via Crispi.


At this junction you can decide whether to go right to see the Ico-PinBlackS. Giuseppe church or left and come close to Ico-PinBlackCollegio dei Gesuiti.

For users in wheelchairs the left path while being quite steep is the only one in which there are no steps.