Piazza Libertà

Pin-AOur tour begins from piazza Libertà.

It is the main square, this is the center point of Salemi, from here you do get access to all the main streets. Via Matteotti, with it’s characteristic large sidewalk is here where the young crowd meets during the weekends. Ico-PinBlackVia Amendola and via Crispi, which are respectively the entrance and the exit of the historic city center. Via Ettore Scimemi and Via dei Mille which sooner or later almost all the inhabitants will have to pass through, just down the road infact, it rises the cemetery.


In front of you stands the clock tower that marks the rhythm of the city (the clock it self doens’t work). Beyond the gate you find Ico-PinBlackSan Antonino church, a couple of doors down, here it is the headquarters of Pro Loco (tourist information office).

Once, at the center of piazza Libertà, rose a fountain, nicknamed, “u panaru” (The basket) named this way for it unusual shape. San Nicola statue it’s unmissible, stands on the side of piazza Libertà. It’s the protector of Salemi. It is narreted that on the night prior harvesting the crops the statue’s face turns towards the most produtive ground. If you turn around and look up to your right, here it is the iconic circle castel tower which is also the final destination of our tour.

The square is a meeting place for the elderly. Most of the year it resameble a small Wall Street. In fact if you walk trough it, you might catch few people debating about the local market and the local economy, while other groups are busy discussing what’s the current price of oil, not far away, yet another group might be inquiring on how much weat and grapes are going for.

During the election campaign the square it trasforms into an agorà, at this crucial time you can appretiate political rallies, Candidates voce out from a podium emphatic and colorful rhetorical exercises.

It’s time to begin our tour, at the main square go towards Ico-PinBlackvia Amendola also called “strada Mastra”.

Welcome to Salemi.