Piazza Simone Corleo

Pin-E As you can see here the distances are really short.

WP_20160108_009A few centuries ago it was called “Piazza delle Boccerie” in its vicinity was located the public slaughterhouse. Later it was called “Piazza Santa Maria” and finally was dedicated to Simone Corleo, politician, scientist and philosopher of Salemi in the 800ac.

From here you ascend towards the center by the three flights of steps on the left, it’s a bit steep but nevertheless a good shortcut. We will continue along via Amendola going around the old town.

WP_20160108_012The staircase of Via Falciglia. Just past the small square on your left, halfway up you will find Saint Clemente church, commonly referred to Ico-PinBlackSaint Annedda.

If someone wants  to take the tour backwards, we’ll advise you to explore those characteristics staircases.