Founded by the Elimi with the name of Alicia, it took a main role through the ancient Mediterranean history, it went through glory and prosperitys time, soon followed by periods of decadence. Named by Cicerone as one of the five free and immune cities in Sicily. It was ivadate by the Romans, devastated by the Vandals, conquered by the Byzantines, soon followed by the Arabs who changed the name in Salemi.


It played a main role in the success of the “Mille” expedition led by Garibaldi in 1860 and was the first capital of unified Italy. Yes, forget about Rome WE ARE THE CAPITAL OF ITALY.

During the two world wars Salemi gave young blood to the war effort and, was the site of air and ground strikes.

Despite all it went through, Salemi, knew how to rise and prospere, thanks to the many influences it had over the years and, it’s tolerance and integration made it a flourished city in the economics as well as cultural life, agriculture and urban development.

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