Extra Bar


Category:  Bar, Pasticceria

Address:  Piazza Libertà 

Opening Times:  06.00-00.00 – Closed on monday


Since 1957 the passion for good things.

We work every day to offer our products. All together for three generations we prepare with great dedication our specialties. Transforming the finest agricultural local produces in traditional specialties. Our old secret recipes, are the basis of our desserts and cakes.

All our creations are to this very day, made the same way our Grandfather used to, unchanged in taste and flavor. Our products, born from craftsmanship, vary each day, based on what nature provides.

Nature changes. We change, but we do not lose, that which has always been, the thing that pushed us to move forward, willing to do better.


Come, try our Cannoli, Cassate and Cassatelle, sweet almond biscuits, cafeteria and more.


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