Via Amendola

Better known as “Strata Mastra” (main road) together with Via Crispi, are respectively the entrance and the exit of the historic city center.

Starting from Ico-PinBlackPiazza Libertà we’ll reach the Ico-PinBlackBelvedere, Ico-PinBlackPiazza Simone Corleo, Ico-PinBlackSant’Agostino’s Church with its beautiful cloister, Ico-PinBlackPiazza Dittatura, Ico-PinBlackSan Giuseppe’s Church, Ico-PinBlackPorta Gibli and finally back to Piazza Libertà.


Once someone said that threw a rock at the entrance of the Strada Mastra, with a series of bounces and tumbles, it had done all the way around, and then back to the square it stoped.

This is the shops street and the heart of the city life, as well as the scene of glorious deeds.

Like when someone bet that he would drive on reverse gear through the Strada Mastra.

These are some of the stories that were born and were told along these streets.

How it could appear these old iconic street many years ago, with “putie” (small shops), like, shoemakers, craftsmen, grocers. From the first hours of the morning, peoples with small wooden carts or small baskets supplied the shops with goods untill soon after other people would come to buy them. The smell of bread and biscuits mixed with that of coffee, fruit and then meat, fish and spices. Housewifes chosing fabrics or a nice new pair of shoes. The barber who opened the door to the first customer and sent the boy to pick up the newspaper and two coffees.

Distant times but today you will find that the shops in which you are about to encounter remained that spirit of human kindness that you just throughts in your mind.

Get close to one of the shops windows, get the vibe of a time long gone, and then enter. Maybe you end up in that atmosphere, or maybe not. But for a smile and a kind word you are on time.